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Thread: Where are people getting their Covid test done at?

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    Where are people getting their Covid test done at?

    We are traveling next week to Hedo II and are wondering where people from the U. S. are getting their Covid tests done prior to departure.....Walgreens, CVS, Urgent Care?? We are getting some conflicting information on wait times for the test results and of course, we have to have take the test within 72 hours of our arrival date. Thank you in advance.

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    We did ours yesterday at CVS for a Thursday departure. Only pcr tests at local CVS's, but I have been told they are getting results typically in a day to 2 days. If we haven't seen results by tonight, we'll drive an hour Wednesday to a store offering rapid tests - which are acceptable for travel. Good luck!

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    We have ours scheduled for CVS rapid test. We have used them previously, along with Walgreens, for rapid tests to visit other spots and have always been within a few hours.

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