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Thread: Birthday Celebration

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    Birthday Celebration

    My wife and I will be heading out on our virgin trip in 15 days. We are so excited! During the time we are there we will be celebrating my wifes birthday. Id like to do something special for her that day. Is there anything that can be arranged with the resort, or any recommendations from all you veterans?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Private dinner for two on the beach. Ask about it when you get there, There is a charge for it.
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    Let the front desk know that it is her bday. We go over our anniversary and most the time we get a fruit tray and a bottle of champagne delivered to our room. Sometimes nothing, other times the day before or after. You never know. Instead of spending money on private dinner, what about a marriage renewal. Same cost. We did it and it was great. When the minister tells you piano bar. Say no beach.

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    Check out the thread with the subject Private Hedo Dinner. We ended up taking a cab into Negril for a really nice, romantic sunset dinner at Ivan's. I'd highly recommend it. Check the time of sunset and book the dinner so you are seated in time. Beautiful setting at the waterfront over the cliffs. Fantastic, meal, wine and service.

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    Great ideas. Thanks everyone!

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