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Thread: Cancelled paradiso sensuale llv venice cruise

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    Cancelled paradiso sensuale llv venice cruise

    Hi there,

    anyone else impacted by the situation with the cancellation of this cruise?

    Pepe and Claudia are saying to some clients that its been postponed to next year. Others we have heard from are being told that LLV is waiting for Silversea to refund them their money for the charter and that they will be reimbursed contingent upon a negotiated refund from Silversea (maybe August 2021). How can a cruise be postponed and yet LLV is waiting for a refund?

    A call to their hotline provided yet another twist - The ship will sail from Athens and that its now a larger ship from Silversea.

    We would like our money refunded in full.

    We also found a BBB report with a similar story. What course of action do we have?

    Thanks for any feedback.
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    The Covid situation fucks all the shit up

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