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Thread: Has anyone been to pearl recently (Mid 2020)? What is it like?

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    Has anyone been to pearl recently (Mid 2020)? What is it like?

    We love Desire Pearl and would love to visit in August to celebrate a birthday, but are curious what it is like in this world of social distancing/covid response ? Is it fun? Are there social distancing measures in place? Are there other people there? (We love the resort, but don't want to be there alone ).
    Any info is appreciated.

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    I have read reports that socialization is going on as usual in the pool and hot tub. Staff wears masks and tables are further apart
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    We just got back last Saturday. It was our first trip so we didn't know any different but everything seemed perfectly 2019 to us. All the socializing was relaxed and the pool chairs were packed. The tables could have been spread out more but again we wouldn't know. All the staff is masked and are in the process of getting all the staff vaccinated. We did have to wear a mask to get our covid test? We had an absolute blast and are trying to decide when to book next.

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