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Thread: The first time your wife fucked another man

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    Not at all I'm the only one who fuck my wife but other man fuck your wife it's a shameful thing for me.

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    My friend shared with me that he is always Fantasizing about other woman than his wife. He has been married for years and does not know if his wife is interested in other men or even in him. If she was to ever show in interest in others, it would indicate that she has some real passion.

    He thinks inhibited because a judgemental religious upbringing.
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    My first time as a married woman to have sex with someone other than my husband was on a trip up to Scotland we were visiting the lochs, we stayed at a Guest House that's where we got our Avatar name from, it was a beautiful place with an indoor hot tub, we met a Dutch couple and became friends then in the conversation got around to other Holidays and Hedo 2 came up they had been a couple of times we had only been the once they asked if we had played they had we hadn't, that night we decided to use the hot tub I wore a thong bikini a T- back, as we were on our own I took the top off, then after about 20 mins our Dutch friends turned up wearing bath towels they asked if we minded as they were naked underneath, they didn't expect to meet anyone we said its fine, so I told my husband that we should go naked everything happened slowly and politely she asked were my breasts real then could she touch I said yes from there it evolved naturally being polite asking then touching it got around to her giving me oral sex then me her then I'm giving my husband a blowjob she asked If we could swap yes fine so my husband gets to watch me give another guy a blowjob, my very first time plus to watch me receive oral sex from a woman and give a woman oral. Nothing planned all very gentle and polite, plus no regrets, the next night we did a full swap in there room starting with a threesome with my husband then she asked how would I like two men oh yes I said. So no rush no having to be talked into anything just polite conversation and respect Lots of love Valerie XXX
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