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Hedonism III Spa Services

At Hedonism III you book spa services near the tour desk just off the main lobby. Services are not included in the cost of your room and cost extra. Information current as of May 2006. Spa is open 8:30 AM - 7:00 PM Monday-Sunday.


Indian Head Massage
A relaxing and invigorating treatment for the head, neck, and shoulders.
Time: 40mins, Cost: $68.00

Spa Sports Massage
This treatment affects the body on two levels. The charkas and the meridians, resulting in total harmony using an oriental massage system, based on finger pressure.
Time: 50mins, Cost: $99.00
Time: 80mins, Cost: $157.00

Spa Reflexology
Aid the body's healing forces by applying pressure to various parts of the hands and feet.
Time: 50mins, Cost: $89.00

Swedish Massage
The manipulation of soft tissues for therapeutic effect. This involves a combination of strokes designed to improve muscle circulation and promote a feeling of well being and relaxation.
Time: 50mins, Cost: $76.00
Time: 80mins, Cost: $111.00

Aromatherapy Massage
Uniquely blended essential aromatic oils are used to balance mind, body, and spirit. This massage can assist in alleviating a whole range of problems, ask your therapist for more details.
Time: 50mins, Cost: $84.00
Time: 80mins, Cost: $157.00

Therapeutic Massage
Utilizing slow strokes and deep finger pressure on tight contracted areas this massage releases chronic patterns of tension in the body.
Time: 50mins, Cost: $84.00
Time: 80mins, Cost: $157.00

Couples Massage
Massages available for couples together, prices and times vary on type of massage selected.


If you get to Hedo and realize that you're not quite fitting in with all the bare skin, it is not too late, they offer a full range of body waxing services.

Full Leg:$64.00
Half Leg:$35.00
Under Arm:$23.00
Eye Brow, Chin, and Lip:$12.00

Manicures & Pedicures

Add French Polish:$12.00

Hand Treatment
This treatment leaves hands with a silky feeling and soft appearance eliminating dry and flaky skin. Cost: $35.00

Nail Extensions

An extension of your own nails using acrylic or plastic tops, finished with the polish of your choice:

Tips - Full Set:$70.00
Tips - Single:$6.00
Polish change - feet:$12.00
Polish change - repair:$6.00
Polish change - hands:$12.00
Polish change - refell:$35.00


Oxygen Facial
Hedonism's signature facial, this multistage facial counteracts oxygen depletion and is an ideal therapy for your skin. It will cleanse, purify, rehydrate, regenerate and oxygenate your skin leaving you with a youthful glow.
Time: 1 hour, Cost: $89.00

Purifying Facial
A treatment for all skin types. Included in this progressive treatment is cleansing, steaming, peeling, extraction, lymph drainage massage, ampoule and a specifically chosen mask leaving your skin firm with a beautiful matte complexion.
Time: 1 hour, Cost: $84.00

Aromatherapy Facial
A relaxing experience to ease stress, detoxify and rehydrate the skin.
Time: 50mins, Cost: $48.00

Gentleman's Facial
Designed to remove impurities with a complete cleanse, steam, and peel session helping to alleviate the negative impact of everyday shaving. Topped off with a soothing massage to relieve tension.
Time: 45mins, Cost: $58.00

Fountain of Youth Facial
An intensive treatment to fight fine lines using freeze-dried collagen sheets and pressure point massage. Leaving the skin lifted, toned, and retextured.
Time: 1 hour, Cost: $89.00

Back Cleansing Treatment
Designed to remove impurities and condition the skin with deep cleansing treatments to include skin brushing, exfoliation, and pressure point massage.
Time: 1 hour, Cost: $79.00

Body Scrubs

Caribbean Peppermint Scrub
A classic combination of island mints drawn and blended with essential oils and sea salts used in a gentle circular motion to invigorate the circulatory system while exfoliating the skin.
Time: 30mins, Cost: $52.00

Seaweed Body Polish
An invigorating treatment, which rids the body of dead skin cells, improves circulation, unclogs pores, and revitalizes the skin.
Time: 30 mins, Cost: $52.00

Tropical Body Polish
Combinations of natural products are used to rid the body of impurities leaving the skin revitalized and restoring its natural glow.
Time: 30mins, Cost: $52.00


Island in the Sun Aloe Wrap
For skin that has been over exposed to the sun, this is a wonderful treatment that helps to calm and re-moisturize the skin.
Time: 50 mins, Cost: $73.00

Milk & Honey Treatment with Exfoliation
Indulge yourself with this luxurious treatment that soothes and enriches your skin with the natural healing properties of milk and honey.
Time: 1 hour, Cost: $126.00

Aroma-Algae Cellulite Treatment
This exclusive treatment stimulates metabolic activity, encourages toxin elimination, and reduces fluid retention as well as improves body contours and the appearance of cellulite. Your skin will feel firmer, smoother, and more evenly structured.
Time: 55 mins, Cost: $126.00