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Thread: Feedback very much appreciated

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    Feedback very much appreciated

    Hello folks,

    I have to start out by saying that i've been interested in having a Hedo experience for a few years now, and although i've only found and joined this message board over the past few days the posts i've read have been very informative. Presently i'm going through a bit of a messy divorce in my personal life and i've decided to take a week away from reality. Just somewhere to go and meet and hang out with some cool people and let everything disappear for a little while. I figured that Hedo would be the perfect place to just let loose and be free...even if only for a short spell.

    I guess the reason for my post is that I have noticed that most guests of the resort are couples. I would be traveling alone so I guess I just want to figure out how well a single man would be recieved at Hedo 2. I'm a very relaxed and open minded individual and I know how to enjoy a party. I'm not obnoxious or rude, I have a great sense of humor and I appreciate and respect people and their point of view. I have no expectations of what could happen down there I just like to go with the flow. I mean how fun or sexy is a contrived or presured situation?? It's not!

    Anyway, I know i'm rambeling a bit here but here is my query/question... I did read one posting from the lady of a couple that was there recently and she made referance many times during her post that a single man had no place at Hedo and that she couldn't understand why a single man would go there. She accented this further by saying that there were a few single men there while her and her husband were there and her and her friends gave these guys nick names...creepy guy#1, creepy guy#2 and Creepy guy#3.

    I'm just wondering if this is the normal attitude amongst the people at the resort towards a man traveling alone. I ask this because I am not a creepy guy at all and I guess I want to make sure people give me a chance before ostracizing me. At the same time i'm not saying these guys wern't creepy because I was not there to witness their behaviour.

    My point is (and I do have I am going down there with no expectations, I certinly don't plan on having nameless orgies with the masses and I have no desire to make anyone feel uncomfortable hanging out with me. I'm just interested in having fun (sexual or not), nice drink, sunshine and good chats with some new and interesting people.

    Please let me know if I am wasting my time. If people won't give me the time of day just beacuse I'm traveling alone i'm sure i can find a better way to spend $3000 for a week.

    I realize that this is a long message but I am just being real and sincere and would really appreciate any feedback that you fine people may have for me.

    Hedo 2 from May 7th to 14th.....

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    You are not wasting your time, it just shows you that Hedo draws alot of different people, we have met some really great single guys and then you meet "THEM" or vinnys or wallys. It is pretty simple, if you talk about your problem which I am sorry to hear about, all the time people will not want to hang with if you think just because you are sitting next to a naked lady she wants you and if you STARE at a woman or a cpl we will think you are creepy. Hedo is a great party for all in our opinion, it comes down to how you handle yourself, go check it out talk to people not there parts and you will probably have a great time. We will be there the same time with a great bunch of friends stop by and say hi.
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