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Thread: Couples Negril to Hedo II

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    Couples Negril to Hedo II

    How far is Couples Negril to Hedo II? We are staying at Couples but want to get passes for Hedo. Can anyone help?

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    It is not very far away you could walk.
    Alice & Lewis

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    We stayed at Couples about a year after it opened and while it was very was quite may want to RUN!
    Julie & Don

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    Do it the other way around, stay at Hedo and get a pass to Couples, LOL The rooms at Couples will look palacial after your stay at HEDO, but you won't care, you'll wish you'd never left HEDO

    Let me be more direct, I've been to Sandals, Breezes and more, blah blah blah, The rooms and resorts are great at the places where they all wear clothes, Hedo is nice the rooms are not the fanciest compared to other all -adult clothing wearing resorts, BUT HEDO IS THE BEST DAMN PARTY IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE (I've also partied nekkid in Europe) Have Fun!
    The Spirit of Hedo Lives Within Me

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    The guests, the atmosphere and the freedom really can't be beat

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