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Thread: New nude resort in las vegas like hedo

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    New nude resort in las vegas like hedo

    we wanted to let all our friends know about the new hedo style nude resort right off the las vegas strip
    the sea mountain ranch is Open and Wonderful for couples and women-getting grand reviews on tripadvisor and dennyp share your experiences to
    in las vegas feels like HED

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    I'm confused. So I visit that site and there is article about the place in lifestyles magazine. I click to read the article and it mentions a different site,

    These do not seem to me to be the same company. The quality of the website design alone is proof of that.

    So you come here and spam these forums to promote your business?

    You post pictures that I remember from a playboy issue on your clothing optional page, post an article about a resort in LA with a similar name. I read on dennyp that its just 5 nondescript rooms. I'm going to go ahead and make the assumption that its really not "the most awarded retreat in Las Vegas Nevada."

    Hedo has hundreds of rooms, don't make that kind of analogy until you get a little bit bigger.
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    It's been closed down by the local government for serveral violations.

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    We are group members on Yahoo Groups for Seamountain. It actually looks to us like they are doing something very cool by Palm Springs. If it was closer we would've gone by now to check it out. Airfare makes it restrictive for us just to do a nice weekend thing. It also sounds like it might be geared toward lifestylers which isn't our thing either but we still enjoy H2 and H3 because it's just what you make of it. We hope Seamountain is successful and spawns the idea to do nude resorts all over so one is closer to us. We need more that just a trip to Hedo once a year. We are lucky to have a clothing optional beach in Wisconsin which is just an outstanding place. We'd actually like to see a remote ski lodge turned into a clothing optional resort up here so we could get a Hedo booster shot when we need it. Maybe it wasn't the right place to make a posting but don't get to hard on Seamountain. I think the idea itselve is awesome.
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    these are the people that harvested e-mails from the Hedo sites like this and Dennyp. I, like my friends on those BB's now get SPAM from SeaMountain. How unethical can you be. Just the way they market it makes me never want to go there. They get a thumbs down in my book.

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    We have Vegas Club Erotica.... that will open May1 2009, and I think places like Hedo and SeaMountain are amazing!!!!!! hope to get near as good.... class and sensuality. We are actually doing a meet up group and want to plan trips too. I have wanted to go to both Hedo and Seamountain for along time..... I started with LOR in Texas and now I am addicted to the Hedo Lifestyle, but I am a sensualist versuses a swinger

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    Okay, maybe SeaMountain shouldn't be harvesting emails addresses, spamming, etc. We all agree on that. Now, as for the Desert Hot Springs location near Palm Springs, we've been there twice. The place is small, doesn't offer food service and is somewhat overpriced but, let's face it, there's very few options resembling Hedo or Desire in the US. There are very few places where the climate will support it year-round. But, the folks at Sea Mountain have done a very good job of offering something that is not offered at many places in the US. It is clean, comfortable, free marguaritas and light snacks and an anything-goes attitude. We like the place but we don't love it. We would recommend it, however, for anybody that enjoys the opportunity to go nude in a c/o setting without leaving the US.

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    sea mountain resorts a nude hedo style experience

    Sea Mountain does NOT harvest emails
    Sea Mountain does not engage in unethical behavior
    Its about zen class upscale luxury and being naked with free expression
    Please see Join the yahoo group
    We have been to HEDO 15 times and LOVE it!
    if you love hedo you shall love the couples experience that is sea mountain resorts

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    Did you REALLY have to post ads all over the trip calendars???

    This kind of stuff really pisses me off.
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    Sea Mountain Looks So Fun

    Had never heard of it until now and it looks so nice and fun!

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    Do they have Day passes?
    We love the beach especially in the Caribbean!

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    Yes, full day 10:00 on and evening (don't recall when they start). They are still big $. We keep thinking about going, but the $ are a consideration. We can have 3 or 4 weekends at other nude hotels in Palm Springs for what it costs at Sea Mountain. Granted there are differences.
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    We've been there twice guys, honestly, it's Hedo in America! Go check it out, it's got the same vibe. I blogged about it twice, see on my boards.

    They're heavy on open sex, so if that's a good thing or not?

    The staff are really cool too. If you want to know more, contact me.

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    Opps, we went to this companies OTHER resort in Desert Palm Springs guys....Sea Mountain Inn. We never did the Vegas one... <----Adult Travel Blogging

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