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Thread: The best souvenir

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeachBum View Post
    I think my best souvenir, was the very first one Clint got me at Hedo II, it is a gold charm with two peopel kneeling in front of each other and has Hedonism written below them. I have alot of compliments on it. I do know think they have this style anymorem, that makes it even more special. I wear it all the time and it always reminds me of the awesome times we have at Hedo... This is one souvenir that will never go on a shelf... See all in Nov.
    I have one too! But mine is from Hedo III, I also wear it every day.

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    speaking of rocks, that topic seemed to die down alot huh?
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    Ketchup is a hit w/ my kids .. get it at the coffee shop in the airport

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    Our rock awaits our return. Had it cleaned and ask for the 2011 put on it last trip in March. He cleaned, re-painted it and made it like new. I am looking forward to having him put a second 2011-June on it this week.

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    I have heard and seen pic's where they have been taking the rocks away!!!

    Is this true??
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    Quote Originally Posted by rickndeb View Post
    I have heard and seen pic's where they have been taking the rocks away!!!

    Is this true??
    The rocks are still there and have seen many more ever since they brought them over from H3. You can get Winston ( not the EC ) he sets up over by the dive shack and has paintings for purchase also to do this for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by millionsnmilo View Post
    Ketchup is a hit w/ my kids .. get it at the coffee shop in the airport
    LMAO We take Heinz with us to the island cause we are not fans of the Ketchup.

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    Has anyone ever had Winston paint anything else? We are remodeling next spring, I am thinking of taking some unfinished ceramic tiles for him to paint scenes of Jamaica and then incorporate them in my backsplash after sealing--- would get to see them daily! We already have two of his paintings.

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    How about an EC as a souvenir ? Now that would be something the neighbors could talk about!

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    The best souvenir we got is the hundred or so people we get to bring back to H2 in 4 short weeks... the rocks are cool but the friends we have made since we started going in 2003 are the most important and lasting reminder to us...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Luv4hedo View Post
    LMAO We take Heinz with us to the island cause we are not fans of the Ketchup.

    hahaha we do the exact same thing!!!! we bring a whole zip lock bag of them

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