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Thread: sex in the disco?

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    sex in the disco?

    Newbe here. we have read various posts about what goes on in the disco at night. we have read where couples have sex in the disco and women do pole dances and get naked. We want to make sure we do not over dress or underdress. What really goes on. What can we expect. All replies are very much appreciated.

    thank you

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    Well we have seen pole dancing and some nudity in the disco but we have never seen any one have sex in the disco.
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    there is a pole on a small stage and a few benches around the edge of the disco.
    I can't say I've ever seen someone have sex there, but I only go a few times per trip,
    it wouldn't surprise me to hear people having sex in the disco. I have seen people waaayyyy over dressed there, but honestly, no one cares. You'll sweat a lot, but no one cares. The only time I had a problem there is when I showed up naked AND wet...
    so long as you're not naked AND wet, you'll be fine. and even then, there will be someone to cheer you on! This is what happens when you order 8 shots and everyone bails. you end up naked and wet in the disco being chased out.

    If you think it's too risque, it's not.
    I wore this sans the panties.. and it was pretty tame.

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    We have seen very heavy oral sex with multiple people at one time.
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    ANYTHING CAN happen, all depends on the people and the atmosphere!

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    We have witnessed oral sex many times, but usually just enough to tease the partner and get EVERYONE in the mood. As far as clothing, the sexier the better in my opinion. Usually buy slutware thoughout the year just for theme nights and the Disco. Until Nov.
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