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Thread: Middle Of May

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    Middle Of May

    Going may 12-19 will anyone else be joining us ?

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    Oops We'll be at H2 --- 5/10- 5/17
    I think we're the only ones going to be there.
    Fun any time a year.
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    Looks like we will be spending the week with ya! We're Hedo virgins and can't wait to get there!!

    Becki and Dave

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    Thumbs up

    Check out the visitors/calendar section here, you might also look at he has a good visitors section as well as for other visitors.

    Have fun.

    Ivy and Rick
    "Once you go, you will know"

    Ivy and Rick
    "AWOL 2016, Let's Get Together"

    Next Trip: Hedo II, 7/23 to 7/30, 2016

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    four of us will be there from the 10th to the 15th. we're Jim, Nancy, preston and Christy. look us up. would love to meet you.

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