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Thread: What day excursions would one recommend

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    What day excursions would one recommend

    Hi Guys,

    When I went to II, everybody just about went to Rick's cafe at least once, is there any must visits when it comes to HIII? I imagine there will be more than adequate entertainment at the resort, but may consider doing one of the day trips just to see a bit of the island on that side
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    Thumbs up

    8 trips to Hedo 3, we have been off resort 3 times, once to Jimmy Buffets, to Negril and once to Nine Mile, home of Bob Marley. Nice trip up and down. They say in the pamphlet to bring your camera, but once there, we were advised that no picture taking in the mausoleum. We tend to be victims of sand gravity and have never regretted it.

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    we were a sucker for the Dunns falls as it was our first time in jamaica. few tips thoug...

    1)girls - if ur gonna wear a super skimpy bikini be ready for lots of reaction hahaha my girlfriend was the only one around in such a tiny bikini

    2) at the end avoid the shopping nothing good..UNLESS u like to shop but there plenty of better places

    3) be carful its SUPER fun but SUPER dangerous in some points

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    Cool, thanks for the tips
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    We have been to Hedo III twice and the first year we stayed on the resort. The second year we went on a day trip for the Naked Cruise. We would HIGHLY recommend the cruise. The people that we went with made the trip 1000% worth it. It was very enjoyable, lots of fun, and a great day to let loose. My wife does not like boats and can get sick very quick and she LOVED it. There were many other people that went in our group and it is all we talked about for 2 days after. Give it a try and have lots of fun.
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    We did the Dunn's Fall our first trip, it was fun, have no intention of doing it again, then it took I think 9 more trips before we headed of campus again, and that time we did the coastal safari / snorkel trip, and that was a blast. A very short van ride, to a nice seclude beach area, where you board wave runner type craft, only they 25 hp outboards, 2 up, head out along the coast for about 20 - 30 min, to a snorkle spot, hang there for 30 - 40 min, then back for another 20 -30 min ride. Not to long, but a nice diversion

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    In our 5 trips we have done a few excursions- I will just list them with some general impressions.

    Ocho Rios Shopping: Veterans of Tijuana and various 3rd world shopping experiences- still a little scary. The straw market in particular was a little off putting. The end of the trip is at a large shopping area that is very commercial and is anchored by the Ochi Margaritaville- so that was a highlight.

    Chukka Cove Canopy Tour: Did this one twice- lots of fun. Wear close toed shoes and get ready for the thrill ride! Great equipment, great staff- beautiful scenery. Beware- the walk from the parking area and orientation to where the ziplines start may not be for anyone with knee problems. Uneven ground and stairs for about 3/8 a mile downhill through the jungle.

    Negril- Rick's Sunset and Hedo 2: looooooooong day. Too far on the bus to be enjoyable throughout. Would definitely not do it again.

    I hear the nude cruise is a blast- the prurient Kerry however gets motion sickness so we will not be going.

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    I'm writing all of this down guys, thanks for the tips, just another 10 days to go ... excitement growing by the day
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