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Thread: sensual massage

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    sensual massage

    Hi, I am Mike, currently deployed to Afghanistan, and when I get home my wife and I are planning a trip to Hedo III. Can someone give us a little information about how sensual the 2-hour sensual massage is? We would like to do it as a couple, can she choose a man to massage her? She does not want to be poked and prodded like she is at the doctor but she would like to be caressed in places that a normal massage does not allow and I would love to be there to watch it while getting my own massage. Any info would be great, details would be even better so if you want to conform to the what happens at hedo stays at hedo rule, please feel free to PM me. Thanks.
    Mike and Mindy

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    That is a GREAT question!

    Dee and I would love to know the answer to that one too!!

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    I don't think so. Their masseuses are female, all the ones I've seen anyways, and they take their jobs seriously. Remember, Jamaicans are largely a conservative people, Hedonism aside.

    However.... you may find a willing guest who has the skill and desire to provide that service for you.
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    Hi Mike, don't know about the massage.

    But thanks for doing your job for us. We'll be at H-3 for the first time next April. If you and the wife go then, I'll get you your first drink. Keep up the good work, keep your head down, stay safe and God Bless.

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    Im a licenced therapist, and as ethics go, any licenced therapist canot massage any bodypart outside of the 'ethical' teachings...having said that, the breasts can be massaged as they contain muscle, only the nipples cannot be touched. The inner thigh can be massaged only to the 'femoral triangle' area, but not further. Now having said all that, Jamaica doesnt come under the judistriction of US massage, i would be glad to aid my assistance..too bad your not there when we are...Good luck on the massage its a very sensual experiance no matter what.
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