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Thread: bisexual man at hedo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EHB View Post
    WHO ME?!??!?!?!? Jeez!

    When have I ever started shit?

    Hey handsome!

    I was wondering when you were going to weigh in on this one!

    Even I was hesitant to reply, because I didn't want to start another, ahem , situation on the board.

    'Turd in a punch bowl' J LOL

    We need a new thread "J-isms". WAIT! Some smart ass, and you KNOW who you are, will somehow refer to the thread as "jism".

    While slightly apropos for this thread, quite inapplicable, when referring to my honey J.
    Where is Moore by the way (lol)...

    I figured you wondered where I was, so I didn't want to disappoint. The thing I love about this forum, is that no matter what the debate, there is always somebody far to one side, somebody far to the other, and most dangling right in the middle of the PC area. I usually try to stay out of the PC area, because I usually find it to be the least helpful advice. I consider giving PC advice to someone before they go to Hedo, the same as not telling someone they have a big booger in their nose before a presentation...

    I am the guy that will point that honker out to you. Yes, I will be then one to embarrass you, but I will also be the one to save you a shit ton more embarrassment...
    Last edited by JAnewbies; 04-24-2008 at 11:32 AM.

    Is your glass "half full," or "half empty"... At Hedo, who cares... go ahead and fill it up every time you're near the bar...

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    "booger in nose" - too funny. You crack me up with all your "isms" as EHB says. It's always an interesting read

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    Hey Peej - you 'bout ready to take my load?

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    I was searching for my group in October and came across this ancient post. I just want to let you know times have changed and there is now a biguy week at Hedo!
    I travel often with this group. These are super awesome people. The play is smoking hot.
    If you are still perving around come to bi week!

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    TOTAL HEDONISM RESORT TAKEOVER!!! for Bi-Week for Bi-Sexual and bi-Curious couples. both bi men and bi women can be a part of this first of its kind, amazing event at Hedonism II. Ricky and Raquel, want to show you a good time and will provide exclusive bi-only adventures throughout the week. This event is designed to provide a safe place for bi-sexual couples or bi-curious men & women to explore their sexuality. Bi-Week welcomes any bi person of any gender who embodies their sexual power and allows themselves the freedom to fully enjoy their sexual desires.

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