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Thread: Hedo II protocols

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    Hedo II protocols

    My wife and I are planning a trip this winter to Hedo II. It will be our first time and we are looking for information about what to expect. We are not in the lifestyle but want to explore expressing ourselves freely whenever or wherever the mood strikes. What are the limits? When or where is this "taboo"? Is this a stupid question given we will be at Hedo II? We also want to relax and have fun meeting others and don't want to worry about being pressured or offending anyone.

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    What is acceptable depends on the time of day and who is around. If you visit during one of the lifestyles weeks or when a large group is there more will generally go on.

    H2 also seems to be more free than H3 in this regard -- you can tell just by reading trip reports.
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    When we were at Hedo II last summer, pretty much anything was possible on the nude side. There wasn't a lot of open intercourse until after dark, but any other affection was readily seen during daylight. Beyond the perimeter of the nude side I didn't see much pda. There was probably some going on at night, but we were usually over at the hot tub after hours so I don't know.
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    one of the other nice things about Hedo 2 is all the hidden gazebos with mats in them aroudn the resort. They are usually in darkened areas with a lot of foliage around them though not completely hidden or totally private.

    At night a lot of people take advantage of them and enjoy some semi-privacy.

    The rules change with the atmosphere which changes with the crowd. I'd advise going during any time you know that a group will be there as it's a bit more lively and friendly those weeks.

    As for true "lifestylers" you have nothing to worry about as they don't enjoy pressuring people who are not interested. So you'll be able to relax, meet a lot of great people, and have fun.

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