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Thread: Etiquette of Nudity

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwell100 View Post
    On a less serious note, double and triple check yourself for toilet paper before leaving the bathroom.
    That is a golden rule, love it!!!

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    Always ask when you want to see if they are real before touching.

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    I think that everywhere there are less or more excentric couples..that's the way ..
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    The etiquette of nudity can be quite different from the etiquette of 'the lifestyle' (or whatever you want to call it).

    Put simply, the social rules of being nude do not differ from the social rules of being clothed. So if you would not do something dressed, in public, don't do it as a 'nudist.' That makes life simple and you'll never be embarrassed (and that probably covers PDA's).

    If you move on to a more relaxed lifestyle, then (as in every new social environment) you should move slowly and take your clues from the people around you.

    As an aside: the rules in the hot tub (as an example) will be significantly different between late afternoon, and late night. The rules may be different between the members of an identified group and everyone else. Hint: stay reasonably sober so you can read the body language of the people around you (being nude there is more body language to read!)

    Most important: take your clothes off and have fun. You don't want to be embarrassed. You do want to be bare assed.


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    tho aged, just ordered it.

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