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    room choices

    My wife and I have booked our first trip to Hedo 11 for March. We booked a garden view room on the prude side mainly because of the difference in price versus the nude side. Not being familiar with the layout of the resort do you think we will be happy with these accommodations? We do plan to spend a lot of time on the nude side. Thanks for your help.

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    It's been a long time since we were there but I can tell you Hedo II is laid out in more or less a straight line with the nude pool and beach being on the far end. It's a longer walk from the prude rooms to the nude beach. But it's a shorter walk from the prude room to the dining areas.

    You'll want to make sure you take everything you need wit hyou to the nude pool, suntan lotion and like that. As long as the trips to the room are kept to a minimum you'll be fine.
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    What Dave describes is my least favorite part of H2 and the main reason why I prefer H3. I don't want it to be inconvenient to have to go to my room if I need something and I'm down by the pool.

    a 30minute or more round trip is a PITA.
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    The room should be fine. I'm coming up on trip #22 to H2 (with blessings from the weather Gods) in 5 days & we've stayed in rooms all over the resort...nude & prude sides. Yes, it can be kind of a PITA if you have a far end prude side room & you forget something you want at the beach on the nude side, but I never take too much anyway... so it rarely matters. On the other hand, the prude side rooms are convenient at dinner & disco time. So, pluses & minuses. It's all good, so don't fret!!

    BTW the larger layout of H2 is one of the things we enjoyed over H3. We enjoy walking around in the evenings.

    PS....Stop out on the pier one night & watch all rays off of where they dock the's very cool!

    Have a blast!

    Liz & Chris

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    We have stayed on the prude side 3 times and even when we were all the way down by Sandals it is still only a few minutes walk to the nude pool so it is not really to bad at all.The wife always takes a beach bag with all her goodies in it so we are set for the day at the pool 7 beach.We are trying OVN this year just to spoil ourselves for a change but, like was stated before, that means a longer walk to the main dining area so it all works out the same in the long run.
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    I'm with Liz on the room choice. When we take the shorter trips with less of a group, we usually kind of like being over on the prude side. During our November trips (10-14days) we way prefer being over on the nude side. I don't know that you can find a "bad room".........your at Hedo, right? Making the walk to the Nude side from the prude side always gives us the chance to say hello to Noel and the other watersports it all works out!

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    just got back sat 8/18 and nude is the only way to go! i booked prude for price but upgrade to nude! what a view

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    We can't imagine staying on the prude side. We admit, however, that our philosophy while vacationing is to ignore relatively minor cost differences.
    If every dollar means something to you (and I don't mean that to sound harsh...everyone fixates about something which is ultimately unimportant...we give way too much attention to college football, so....), the walk from the prude side is about 3 minutes--no biggie. We simply love the "freedom" of the nude side and have always paid extra to have room on the water even though the view is admittedly not memorable!

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