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Thread: HEDO in 2024 for Hotwife wanting BBC

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    HEDO in 2024 for Hotwife wanting BBC

    Me and hubby are wanting to book HEDO in 2024. I am a hot wife mainly interested in BBC while there. Are there better weeks or times to go to insure this happens? I was hoping for March or April but care most about the experience versus the timing.

    Is it best to go for events or is it a given there will be BBCs to play with anytime you go assuming locals will be there?

    TYI for any insight or personal experience you have had from a Hotwife perspective.

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    We have gone various times of the year. March, April, May, October and December. Both with and without groups present or events taking place and the wife has had no problem finding the BBC she is looking for. B & B

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    You might want to look into 2 week one will be the QOS week with Char Travel, Second Toms Travels with Craig one of their host

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