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Thread: Playroom occupancy

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    Playroom occupancy

    We are planning on attending each night theme parties in the playroom. We have bought some "cheesy" outfits to wear. Does anyone have an idea as to how many others might be there, in the playroom?

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    First of all, you need to move this thread. You have posted in the Hedo Trip report section. This is ONLY for trip reports AFTER you go to Hedo.
    Second, there are NO theme parties in the playroom. The theme nights are suggestions of what to wear to dinner and the evening activities after dinner. Unless they have changed the rules, You have to be naked to go into the playroom. So you won’t be wearing your theme outfits in the playroom.
    Third, occupancy in the playroom is never the same from one night to the next. It depends on the groups that are there, and how many people actually want to go to the Playroom. We have been there when it was empty and when it is full with every bed being used. You never know until you walk thru the door.
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