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Thread: First time going to Hedonism

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    First time going to Hedonism

    Heys guys so Iím very interested in trying the hedonism experience. But I am unfortunately single and 22 male . I love older women and men . But I donít know if I will be welcomed . Also, Iím not sure when is to e best time of the year to go. So If you guys would love to party . Drop what dates your guys are going . So we can meet up and Have funnn!!!

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    Hi brother,
    We think September 10th through the 17th is a great time to go. LOL
    If you are respectful you will get invited in.

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    First timers

    Go to the Hedo booking website and pick group events on the header, look through the various groups going, and see if any interest you.
    There is a rainy season and hurricane season on the island with the driest months being Jan through June. That being said it can still rain daily but only for a brief time. It is very hot and humid in July, and I mean really humid. August seems to be the slowest group month. You can also book Hotel direct and they usually give you some perks like a resort credit. The group rates are sometimes lower than the posted hotel rates but not always.
    Try to spend at least one Friday and at least one Wednesday there as Friday is when they have the best gala buffet food and Wednesday has the best show. Book a private car for your transfers as the bus can be slow and not much cheaper. Good transport companies are Concierge Lorna and Rocky's but there are many others. They will stop on the way there for you if you want to pick up something. Hope this helps.
    Dave and Claire

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