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Thread: October 2023

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    Hi All... Its out first visit....going to be there on the 13th... come and say!!.. we don't bite..well maybe a little... and we definaletly play well with others

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    Oh and any tips for newbies

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    Buckle up, buttercup.

    Las Vegas is a church social compared to hedonism. First off nobody cares what you look like. It's probably the most nonjudgmental place I've ever been to. But make sure you set your boundaries and talk about your dos and don'ts before you get there. There is a lot of PDA also.

    The food was good, the alcohol was good, the drugs we're good and the sex was fantastic. And that was just on the plane trip down there!

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    You will have a fantastic time! We have been going for 10 years and can't wait to get back home to Hedo, every time we have to leave!

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    I’ll be there Oct 30 - Nov 3

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