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Thread: Where to keep your valuables while waiting for the room

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    Where to keep your valuables while waiting for the room

    We have been to hedo more than 10 times, but never got there earlier then 2-3 pm. If our room wasn't ready right away, while waiting we just carried our passports, etc with us in a backpack. This time we will arrive before 11 am. Anybody has a suggestion what to do with our stuff other than the backpack?

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    We leave our suitcases in the lobby and put clothes, purse, etc. in the cubbies by the nude pool. Hide your good stuff under your clothes. We've never had a problem while doing that.
    Mitch & Melisa

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    After 23 trips to Hedo, I just learned this a few weeks ago. In the far corner of the lobby, over past where the travel agents sometimes sit, there is a door. Inside is a small area with a wall of little safes. Someone will take you over there, they leave the room, you put your passports, cash, and whatever in the safe, enter your personal 4-digit code, and lock it. Then go to the beach, get naked, and have a good time. In mid-afternoon, go back to the lobby, get your room assignment, get your stuff out of the safe, and you're all set.

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    tbone1, Thank you and I will follow your instructions to the T!!! If all goes well, our passports will be in one of those little safes buy 11 this Sunday.

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    Is this room you are talking about facing the desks that the groups sign in at? I have been to Hedo over 15 times, first time I hear of this after asking multiple times.

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