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Thread: Looking to try Hedo in lieu of Pearl.

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    Looking to try Hedo in lieu of Pearl.

    Couple looking to try Hedo in lieu of Desire RM and Pearl for a change. Previously have always gone to Pearl but after our last few trips with the beach conditions in the Cancun area we are thinking of trying Hedo. We prefer to hang at the beach during the day and usually hit the pool after a day of relaxing on the beach several hours before its time to get cleaned up to go to dinner. How is the beach at Hedo? We will start going through the forum to find out what we can to make our trip more enjoyable.

    Make it a great day.

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    Hi, We are in exactly the same place.

    Hoping this gets some replies from folks that have been to both.


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    We have not been to the Desires but love Hedo. I think the beach is very nice at HEDO. There are also lots of trees right on the beach, so you can find some shade. There are also umbrellas available. Very easy to go from the beach to the nude grill to the pool or hot tub.

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    Each has its own plus and minuses. I personally prefer heso

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    I have been to Desire RM twice, Pearl twice and Hedo 9 times. We are actually headed to Pearl in a few weeks! We love having a variety of Sexy nude resorts to visit. We do love the beach and water sports at Hedo. We do at least 2 different water sports each day including zipping across the bay on the Hobie Cats whenever there is enough wind. We spend the rest of our day in the nude area and love the yummy Jamaican food. You will love Hedo! We alternate between Hedo and Pearl. Pearl is much closer to the airport, so that is nice. The trip from the airport to Hedo takes anywhere from 1.5 hrs to over 3 hrs, depending on traffic. Last year, we landed on Dec 24th and it took over 3hrs to get to Hedo. But regular trips should be the 1.5 hrs. Food at Hedo can be hit or miss, while the food at Desire is usually excellent. Pearl and RM have beds by the hot tubs to have sex out in the open. No beds on the nude side at Hedo, except inside of a tiny hut that has no AC. As exhibitionists, we prefer the beds at Pearl. You are welcome to ask any other questions! Give Hedo a try and see what you think! The owner, Harry has invested so much money into improvements and we will keep going to Hedo as long as it is open!!

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    No beds on the nude at Hedo except the small room, as Cowgirl mentions. But there are beds outside the nude area and you can have sex in the open there, if you are brave enough. No one is going to stop you.

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    The beach at Hedo is calm due to it being on a bay. There are areas of sea urchins which you can avoid because the water is crystal clear. Go get a floatie and watch the clouds pass by. There wasnt any seaweed there last time we were there. At Desire we have to hang by the pool now due to the beach conditions. It can fluctuate though.

    Definitely would recommend trying Hedo.

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    Thanks for the info as we are newbies headed to Hedo in April

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    My wife and I are both 68. She wants to try BBC. Which resort would be best for our ages and to fulfill her fantasy?

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