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Thread: Group suggestions for mid-40s couple and 420 friendly

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    Group suggestions for mid-40s couple and 420 friendly

    Hey, we are complete Hedo virgins here but we do a fair amount of outdoor naked fun away from prying eyes during the summer. So far it’s just been us two but we were hoping to do a little more in front of like minded people. Not fully LS, but still benefiting from the atmosphere. We were hoping for group suggestions that were closer to our age, we’re both 45 and were thinking of going between New Years and the end of March in 2023. Also wife doesn’t drink much at all but loves to smoke up, so wondering if any of the groups trended more in that direction. Thanks for any advice and hope to visit soon!

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    “Toms Trips” has a group that goes in March called the “ Ms No Swimsuit” group. I think the age lines up perfectly with you.
    With the diversity of the groups that go you will always find other 420 friendly people, we go in April and October each and have never lacked finding people who “ smoke it up”.

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    Char Travel's Swing Into Spring group meets your criteria.

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    You will find 420 friendly members hanging out under the Breakfast Club tent on the nude beach.

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