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Thread: First trip ever! August

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    First trip ever! August

    My partner and I are going on our first trip August 22-30th. It will be her first time leaving the USA so its a super exciting trip. I have been reading everything the best I can to be ready. That said, how do you get from the airport to resort? Do you just grab a taxi or is there a shuttle?
    Also tips we should know about, we are just looking forward to being naked and drunk on a beach.

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    For transport from MoBay to Hedo, we would recommend prearranging a private car service or arranging a shuttle on one of the available buses. For the buses, you may have to wait until it fills up a little with more passengers which could delay you after a tiring flight. We just want to get to Hedo, get naked, get in the pool and have a drink. You may also find the bus is a bit of a milk-run dropping other passengers off at other resorts before the stop for Hedo. Most people remaining on the bus when it stops at Hedo figure anyone getting off is a wild and crazy swinger couple, they usually cover their childrens eyes until the bus starts moving again. They don't know what they're missing!
    We prefer the private car, we use Rocky's, he usually passes a couple cold Red Stripes into the backseat before you're out of the airport. They go directly to Hedo with no stops unless you ask to pick up something to eat, drink, or some weed.
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    We'll second Rocky's, but there are others. Rocky's is great as he is waiting for YOU. The other pre arranged taxi's will do that too. That wait in the Airport parking lot for a full shuttle bus load is a real buzz kill. Tipping, well that depends but about $1.00 per bag to each persons that touches it is a minimum. In the old days under Super Clubs, they had their own shuttle, and the party started at the airport.
    Check with your TA, they may have included a free shuttle.
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    We like Rocky's. They are always waiting at the airport when we arrive. We also recommend considering Club Mobay if they have availability and if within you budget. You will breeze through the airport quickly and it will make your first time out of country a smooth experience. The Sun Holiday bus in not bad (it is included by our travel agent). We've used it an met people on the bus who had been to Hedo many times, so it was good conversation on the way. But sometimes we would have to wait an hour or more for the bus to arrive.
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    I just booked through the website as it was pretty simple to do. I’ll try and set up a Rocky’s taxi this week, we both have traveled before it’s just her first time out of the country. I used to international travel for work so customs isn’t an issue. I appreciate all the tips

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