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Thread: Camp NCN in Wisconsin

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    Camp NCN in Wisconsin

    Thought I'd share a trip report of Camp NCN. If you haven't heard of it it's a clothing optional adult campground near Black River Falls WI. We attended on a lifestlyles weekend, so it was couples and single woman only (mostly).

    First, the campground is very well maintained and extremely clean! It has a pond which was nice, water was pretty clean and the beach was very nice soft sand. The owner, Marv, had it dredged and has been treating the water now so I've heard from others that it's the best it's been in a while. They offer everything from primitive camp sites to full RV hookups, plus they have small cabins you can rent. They do have a couple "deluxe" cabins that have a bathroom and shower, but most do not. The bath and shower rooms are nice, very clean, and the outdoor showers are great! The cabins themselves are comfortable enough, they have a mini fridge and microwave, ours had a small table and chairs for two, oh, and AC. One thing that Marv does not allow is smoking (and he's serious about it), the entire campground is smoke free, you can smoke in your vehicle or your own camper, but not in the public, even sitting at your own campfire. We don't smoke so not a big deal to us, but for some it's a deal breaker.

    The nightlife was mostly at "party central", which is a bar/dance/playrooms. Only beer, wine and seltzers are available, no mixed drinks. Opens at 9pm and goes until 1-2. It was a pretty busy weekend when we attended but it never felt crowded. Late you'll see a lot of action, open sex is not prohibited at all, it's actually encouraged by Marv! So, if that offends you Camp NCN is probably not for you. We never had a problem with anyone being to pushy, but it was a couples only weekend, a different weekend that allows single men may be more of an issue. Average age of the people attending was probably 50ish, some younger couples but not a ton, we're in our 50's so we didn't feel out of place. We've stayed at Two Creeks near Sandstone MN a couple of times, in our opinion there were more attractive people here, but maybe that's just the weekend we hit. All the people we met were friendly and accepting, some of the seasonal campers tended to hang out together, but that's to be expected. We met and hung out with some very attractive, sexy couples that I'm sure we'll meet up with again.

    This got long, if you've made it this far and have questions I'll do my best to answer them!

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    Thanks for the information.
    We will have to check them out

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