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Thread: Pre-Hedo visit hotel

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    Pre-Hedo visit hotel

    We are going to Hedo in October and it appears that we will have to travel the day before our stay at Hedo begins. Previously we have heard people talk about a nice and inexpensive hotel near Hedo to stay at in this situation. Does anyone have any one have suggestions for a place to stay, in Negril, the night before we get to Hedo? Thanks.

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    We have always stayed at CocoLaPalm Resort. Great property and only 5 minutes to Hedo.

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    We agree. Very nice property with a great beach. It's also walking distance to a lot of cool beach bars.

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    We always stay at Catch a Falling Star it is next door to Rick's Cafe and has great food and an amazing view of the sunset.
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    I completely agree with CocoLaPalm all the way.... (I'm agent/organizer for the re-scheduled 14th Annual Krewe de Krazy Life Group Trip-open to all- JUNE 19-26, 2021) all of my uncensored Hedo videos 4,500 pics & 8,100 members another Hedo group of mine

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    Love CocoLapalm. I've stayed there as well. Sometimes they have a min 3 night stay. Your trip in Oct is off season so I'm sure it will be fine, but worth checking to be sure so there is time to shop. Any of the big sites i.e.....Travelocity, Expedia will show you all the hotels by searching Negril, Ja. But book directly and not with them. Many choices, most of them good.
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    In negril we have stay at cocolapalm, close to hedo. We have also stayed at Toby in mobay. Both were good. We prefer to stay in negril....get the travel over.

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