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Thread: Questions from a single woman

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    Questions from a single woman

    Hi friends!

    I知 so excited to meet new people here! I知 recently divorced and looking to reconnect with myself and feel comfortable in my (middle aged &#128517 skin. I love travel, so I知 thinking an adult vacation may be the best way to go. I知 hoping you can answer a few questions. While I知 excited to make friends with couples, I壇 also be interested in meeting single men- is there a location good for that? Also, I知 lactating- will that keep me from having fun with others or be considered weird?

    Any insight is appreciated- thank you!

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    Hedonism is an ideal choice for meeting people, period, if you are comfortable chatting with folks in the nude pool and have no expectations. Easiest place in the world to meet people. The only resort I have gone to where chatting with strangers is the norm. I have gone both as a single and as a married woman, both middle aged (and now just plain old, ha!).
    P.S. Lactating won't be considered weird, some may even find it extra sexy, ha. As a former breastfeeding mom, I assume you're going to be pumping from time to time to keep from getting engorged and hurting... my guess is you'll find folks willing to "help" with that (only with your permission, of course).

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    Thank you so much- that makes me feel better! I’m really looking forward to relaxing and meeting great people

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    It's a great place after divorce to toss the old out and start anew.....Cheers
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    The guests, the atmosphere and the freedom really can't be beat

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    That’s what I’m hoping! Thank you- everyone seems so welcoming!

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    There is a group run by a single woman that is predominantly for singles with some couples thrown in. It is called Loving Life
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    Awesome- thank you! I’ll tap into that!

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