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Thread: Desire Pearl in October

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    Desire Pearl in October

    We will be there from October 7th to 12th. How's coming to have fun on the sun? We are Hedo veterans bu never been to Desire. Any advice for beginners 🤣
    Next Hedo April 19in to 25th 2019
    SLS bamse001

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    You’ll love it. We did Hedo twice before our first Pearl trip. There will be pros and cons to both resorts, it just depends on which aspects are super important to you. Enjoy!
    Hedonism II
    6/28 to 7/3, 2011
    11/27 to 12/1, 2013

    Desire Pearl
    3/28 to 4/1, 2016
    3/19 to 3/24, 2017
    7/22 to 7/27, 2018
    7/12 to 7/17, 2021

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    Everyhting depends on your preferences and wishes. But, speaking shprtly, these resorts are rather good.

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    Sorry about the weather you are facing. This storm will pass.

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    I think that the weather in this period will be good. But it's better to check.

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