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Thread: Trip Report Sept 6-11

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    Trip Report Sept 6-11

    Here’s my trip report for Sept 6-11:
    We took 3 separate covid tests because we were hearing rumors of 5+ days turn around. Luckily all of our tests had a 1 day turn around. The most stressful part was getting authorization after submitting our results. We had to call in and got approved instantly.

    We got Club Mobay but I don’t think it was necessary. We arrived at 11 am, our flight was empty and we got through the temperature check, the covid survey and immigration in about 30 min. We got Rocky’s and that was well worth it. We hit no traffic and made it to the resort in a little over an hour.

    The resort was light. We got upgraded to the nude side. It seems like most of the guests were on the nude side. Depending on what kind of atmosphere you want, this may make or break your trip. My wife and I like to keep a low profile so that was a bonus for us. It was still fun and made it easier to meet more people and get to know them better. Around Monday-Tuesday I would be surprised if there were more than 20-25 guests on the resort.
    Harry treated us to a catamaran trip with one important rule: no clothes allowed. My wife and I had to quickly go back to our room to disrobe so we could get on. It was a fun and interesting experience. We got to do things we never thought we would. I highly recommend taking the trip, it is a memorable experience.

    The food and entertainment had its days and nights. There are limited options for food. By the 5th night it was still good eats but I was wishing for a little more variety in the dining options. We are going through some unprecedented times so I will not hold that against the resort, they are adapting as best as they can. It was very noticeable during the entertainment. I am used to seeing a large crowd but at one point, one of the performances had no one present. The band was still giving it their all and it came through in their performance. The piano bar was an interesting experience and that is all I will say about that.

    Winding down, my wife and I took it easy one day to catch up. We got a couple’s massage with our resort credit, that was a good experience as well. We met wonderful people and really hope to be back soon. We weren’t even back for a full day when we were already wishing we were back in the pool. To all those we met, we hope our paths cross again in our little slice of paradise. This was a unique experience that I don’t think we’ll ever have again.

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    Thank you for taking the time to write this report which was mostly positive and encouraging for all future guests. (I'm agent/organizer for the re-scheduled 14th Annual Krewe de Krazy Life Group Trip to Hedo open to all- JUNE 19-26, 2021) all of my uncensored videos 4,400 pics &7,800 members

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    Thanks for sharing. Glad you had a good time despite the low occupancy.
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    Thank you for the report, great that you were able to enjoy yourself despite the “unprecedented times”!
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