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Thread: April 2021, Is it too early to tell?

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    April 2021, Is it too early to tell?

    E and I will be returning "home", with a brand new outlook on life in general.
    Many things have changed in our time away from paradise.
    Where once we were exhibitionists, and voyeurs our love grew every day since leaving Hedo. We had many a long conversations about our life, love and monogamy.
    We listened to the pod casts, we read the articles, we integrated with other LS couples online. We discussed our "rules" made a playbook and promptly threw it out the window...

    But now, we are here to announce... we are coming "home" April 14 2021- April 23 2021
    With a blossoming open, ethical non-monogamous relationship.
    Our love, our life will never be the same, yet its stronger than ever before.

    We credit, Hedonism2, and the wonderful amazing people we met while there for opening our eye's and beginning us on this amazing journey of self discovery.

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    Good for you, enjoy the ride !!!!

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