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Thread: Hedo / Temptation ?

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    Hedo / Temptation ?

    O.k., looking out for when the world re-opens if ever and I figured this would be the best place to get real advice on the topic. Hedo or Temptation Cancun?

    OK, we been to Hedo II & III many times (7 or 8?) and Temptation a couple times but 10-12 years ago. Hedo is great, the weather is always great, party is always great but for the sake of changing it up we're thinking of going back to "Hedo Lite" Temptation. Years ago Temptation seemed a bit lame, resort basically shutdown at dinner time, pools closed, outdoor bars closed, no hot tub, everyone seemed to go out to the college aged bars in Cancun until 4am, weather could be a bit chilly in February or March, a bit less 'in your face' PDA's, food seemed really good, accommodations seemed good....but it wasn't Hedo.

    Now 10-12 years later is it any different? There seems to be a following there, have these people never heard of Hedo? Can you go with groups there or is it book your own trip and find friends once you get there?


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    Hi, sorry for bumping such an old thread but I am also interested in visiting both places and it will be good to learn where to start.

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    From what I have been told(having never been there myself), Temptation is definitely Hedo-lite (or Desire-lite, as Temptation is owned by Desire). So depending on what you are looking for, you may already have your answer.
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    Thanks for info.

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    Temptation is topless optional whereas Hedo and both Desire locations are clothing optional. Also, PDS is pretty much prohibited at TTR, but definitely allowed at the other 3 resorts.
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    We would go to Temptation if it was a nude resort or even had a designated nude beach area.

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    Full nude beach then Hedo is for you.

    The crowd at Hedo seems to skew a bit older than we prefer but I have to say the weather there is always perfect. Cancun seems like it can be a bit chilly at times.

    How about singles? Many single guys at TTR?

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