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Thread: July 1-11th

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    July 1-11th

    Very good trip!!

    Have to wear mask at airport and on flight...they will check to see if you are wearing your mask right.

    Airport at Mo Bay..Temp taken..then proceed to the medical line for questions..Very long lines..I would suggest Club Mo Bay, or in our case, hubby needs a wheelchair..Questions are much like the immigration form, plus medical questions, such have you been around anyone with the virus...we did not have the swab nasal or throat..We are thinking are not from a hot spot...We were given a letter from medical, and told to to go to immigration. You still have to till out the form on the we got our luggage...We took Rocky's Taxi, as the Sun-Holiday airport shuttle was closed..Our TA informed us of that....Hedo...the EC's greeted us in costume with dancing and all had masks on...Temps were taken, and we had to sign a waiver saying we were not contact with anyone with the virus....We had room 2177, as H-block was closed...There were only 9 of us on July 1st...Breakfast and Lunch served on the nude grill side..dinner at Pastafari....NO MASKS AT POOL,OCEAN OR BEACH...all workers must wear masks....The EC's did the shows as if it was a full house (with masks on)..It was amazing....After 4 days I was able to get a massage..Hedo Bucks were given out in freely.....Had to wear a mask in the gift shop...but that was about all you had to wear it to

    Things improved, platform put in the ocean, ...The Fluffs started coming in on July 9th...They are a large group...I figuring everything was in place for them..H-block opened up....everything was like it always was....We are so glad that we went...we had a very good time.

    Oh..I forgot...The food is served for go up and tell what you want..sometimes the portions were huge..LOL...had to tell them to cut back....they had limited food,,,but still the favorites,,omelets,bacon, etc...I'm sure they have more now with the Fluffs there....

    We are booked again for Oct 27- Nov 6th...I'm sure it was be a great time again

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    Thanks for the report...glad you were able to enjoy despite the “unprecedented times”!
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    so great to hear,,,thanks for sharing.... (I'm agent/organizer for the re-scheduled 14th Annual Krewe de Krazy Life Group Trip to Hedo open to all- JUNE 19-26, 2021) all of my uncensored videos 4,400 pics &7,800 members

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    Thanks for the report we will be running into to in November.
    November 2nd to 11th 2020

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    Awesome, thanks for the report!
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    Thanks for the report. We’ve been looking for some new report to encourage us, and yours just did it. Booking our 3rd trip for October

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    Great report. Good to see they are back in business.

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    Thank you for the report
    It gives us hope.for the future.

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