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Thread: Any recent trip report since the reopening?

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    Any recent trip report since the reopening?

    Me and my wife are scheduled to go in October and would really like to hear how couples trips were with the restrictions in place.

    6th Trip Hedo2: June 13th - June 30th 2012
    5th Trp Hedo2: June 16th - June 28th 2011 ( 4th Year wedding Anniversary)
    4th Trip Hedo2: June 7th - June 18th 2010
    3rd Trip Hedo2: June 10th - June 17th 2009
    2nd Trip Hedo2: June 28th - July 5th 2007 (Honeymoon)
    Virgin Trip Hedo2: July 25th - Aug 1st 2006

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    We just got back..July 1-11th..will do a trip report soon

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    Check the facebook group page 'our favorite jamaican vacation place', quite some trip reports from the last two weeks there.
    Hedo II March 2021 Booked! Hopefully the Corona shenanigans will be long gone by then
    Hedo II march 2020, hnnnggg still so far away, I wanna go now!
    Hedo II march 2018, can't wait to go back!
    Hedo II march 2017, first time and addicted since

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    Hi everyone...I just posted a trip report...if you have any questions, feel free to ask

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    Thanks for the report. We are leaving Saturday for Jamaica and this makes us feel better.

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