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Thread: Bi Single Men

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    Question Bi Single Men

    Wifey and I are starting to plan our next trip.

    We are BOTH interested in playing with a single bi male. Is there a better group for this to join? Can these be found at Hedo?

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    You might be able to find that in November at Desire RM, during the “Life on the Swingset” takeover.

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    Don’t kill the messenger, but Jamaica is against gay males, and it’s not to say that you won’t find a bi male at Hedo, but anything that may or may not happens tend to stay behind closed doors, we’ve been 6 times and have never seen any male/male action. With that said I believe there was a group about the second week in December.

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    I've been to H2 & H3 many times and never saw anything between guys - girls of course are encouraged lol.
    I did think it was peculiar that (spoiler alert) "The Swing of Things" had a bisexual MMF scene - though it was in the states before the group hits the resort.

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