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Thread: Jamaica Resilience Rules Protocols Cont.

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    Jamaica Resilience Rules Protocols Cont.

    Sorry for the format of the info but I had to do a cut and paste as I couldn't down load a text version.
    More Snippets:
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    This is perfect, sure none of us want to read the whole document anyway, snippets very informative, thank you for doing that. Now, that said, I am encouraged by what i read, no face masks in the pool or in the water at all unless you over 15(everybody at Hedo) and want to. Can congregate in groups of 10, that could be doable. Describes groups of "family and friends" that of course describes everyone at Hedo so I think will be ok. Masks to enter restaurant but not required once seated and agail tables of 10 ok. We not going til November but will be watching closely for the reports from those who go before.

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    Wow thats awesome thanks for putting in the effort of making the pdf's. Seems promising.
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    I went through their testing at MBJ last week. With one plane it was not that bad. I can;t image what it will be like with multiple arrivals if it continues into July
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