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Thread: Wanna Take out first "Adult" trip and need suggestions

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    Wanna Take out first "Adult" trip and need suggestions

    My wife and I are wanting to plan out first adult trip and would love suggestions. We play in private but the idea of playing with each other on the beach or perhaps with others has us very curious. We have researched Hedo and think that may be a good fit but are there others? If the answer is Hedo, what's it really like?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hedo is both the logical and best choice once it re-opens. Hedo is no hassles, no drama, no judgments, no obligations, no responsibilities with all-inclusive fun in the sun and sexy delights at night And a place where the word "No" is not heard often. And with PDA access available 24/7 from nude pool to nude beach and playroom to piano is tough to beat... (I'm agent/organizer for the re-scheduled 14th Annual Krewe de Krazy Life Group Trip to Hedo open to all- JUNE 19-26, 2021) all of my uncensored videos 4,400 pics &7,800 members

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    Hedo is definitely an answer to your question. And since this board leans heavily to the pro-Hedo side of the discussion, you can search the forum and find plenty of reasons that Hedo is your answer. There are other places that exist out there for you to look at (the Desire properties, for example) but Hedo definitely checks off a lot of boxes for a lot of people.
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