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Thread: Looking for friends from 1st week of Feb

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    Looking for friends from 1st week of Feb

    We were at Hedo the first week of Feb (our 1st trip). You may remember me dressed as Willie Nelson on Rock Star night and at the talent show. My wife is blond. A wonderful couple 'introduced' themselves to us at the foam party and talked to us the next night at the piano bar, but we were oblivious as 1st timers. We remember her name being Joyce but can't remember his name. We hope you'll see this post and contact us and perhaps we can reconnect on our next trip. Thanks.

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    Hello! I am looking for new friends as well. We're from West Texas.
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    If you happen to know what group they may have been with, you might try contacting that group's host and ask. I've had emails from peeps who wanted to connect with someone in my Lovin' Life group. I don't share my peeps contact information, but I have msg'd someone on FB to see if they want to link up with the person and/or forward the email and let them decide what to do.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I don't know if they were with a group but I'll do some research and find out what groups were there at the time. Many thanks......

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    Could anyone out there help me? I'm having trouble getting the names the groups from Hedo that were there the 1st week of February. If you were there, could you please give me the name of the group you were with so I can contact them to try to find our new friends? Many thanks!

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    Was Tom's Trips there in February?
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    Have you tried the Facebook group, Our Favorite Jamaican Vacation Place? It has close to 15,000 members.
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