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Thread: Couples Massage Miami

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    Couples Massage Miami

    Any one have tips on finding an erotic couples massage in South Beach? We have had the erotic couples massage at Temptation, and are looking for something similar while in Miami in a couple of months. Thanks!

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    In Miami, you will always find the best massage!

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    One place that comes to mind is The Palms Hotel & Spa. They offer a couples massage package that includes a variety of different massage techniques, including some more sensual ones. Another option to consider is The Standard Spa, which has a private outdoor hydrotherapy playground that you and your partner can enjoy before your massage. Just make sure to do your research and read reviews before booking anything to ensure you have a great experience. And if you're looking for other spa treatments in the area, I recently did a botox procedure at and had a really positive experience. Maybe that's worth checking out too!
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    What about a sensual massage by a man for the wife. Any ideas in south beach?

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