Hi everybody ! For the new couples that have never been with me before that would like to book an appoimtment for my workshop and couples Tantric therapy here is my new web side https://www.anahataagni.com/touch-of-magic
If you are coming and celebrating any birthday , annivesary , honeymoon or just because you want to spoil and surprise your honey , I'm sure this will be an amazing and unforgetable gift for both of you !
I you want just send me an e-mail to my personal e-mail and I would love to get back with you suggesting you days and times open for you to choose.
Any questions or doubts please feel free and write me back and I would love to get back with you as soon as posible.
Looking forward to hear from you and the pleasure to meet you too.

Claudia Gabucio Terrazas
fb : A TOUCH OF MAGIC by Claudia
cel 9982 252568