Good Evening!

We are a newer DDLG couple that are looking into groups and travel opportunity. We don't necessarily swing, but we do like to have sex in the same place as others, being open, and being where things can go well and with others. We're new to all of this (< 6 Months) but looking forward to engaging with everyone else!

My last post seemed to never be posted, so if this is the new first post, I did have a few questions:

1. We're looking into Hedo for a fall trip. I seems to be swung towards swingers, but how do you think they feel about DDLG?
2. My wife is a middle, so it's not terribly off of normal dress clothes, but is it acceptable to wear teenage clothing on the prude side?
3. What if we wear clothing on the nude side in the hallways and such but go nude at the pool, beach, etc? Is that acceptable, or just go prude side and get naked on the nude side?
4. We were thinking of renewing our vows as Daddy / Daughter. Is Hedo open to that?
5. Is sex on the balcony allowed? She's becoming more of an exhibitionist, and she is definitely a voyeur.
6. Our big goal for the first trip is to find a couple that would allow the husband / man to help me with a DP of my girl. Is that reasonable?
7. Since we're not planning on swinging nightly, would Desire be a better choice for a vacation and excitement?

Thank You everyone, great community!