Good Evening!

The wife and I have been married for a few years now, and we recently went through a change that identified us as DDLG. She identifies as a middle, and I've always been her Daddy in one capacity or another. We have quite a few swinger friends, but we ourselves don't swing, and don't necessarily plan on full swinging. We enjoy being in group sex spaces, public nudity, and crave somewhere we can be more open about our relationship. We are considering Hedo in the fall for a trip to find a couple that would let the husband fuck my daughter in the ass while I go in her pussy for a DP. We would love for the wife to be encouraging / helpful. However, we are both VERY new to this (less than 6 months) and welcome advice on where to go, and how to engage in everything.

A few off the top questions (I've been searching, but obviously the full swinging lifestyle is more common here):

  1. Are any of the resorts (Hedo, Desire, Tempations) DDLG unfriendly?
  2. If we stay on the prude side at Hedo (My daughter is super cute in her outfits), are we still allowed to go nude on the nude side?
  3. We've done all inclusive with Excellence Clubs before, but new to all of the open resort lifestyles. Since we're looking for openess and to maybe invite others into our bed for 1 or 2 nights at most, is Hedo a good fit for us, or should we consider others?
  4. How is the quality of Hedo now? I've been reading that they've updated, but Desire does look a lot nicer. How is Hedo in 2019?
  5. We were thinking of renewing our vows at Hedo as Daddy / Daughter. Do you think that's allowable?
  6. So far everything has said no to sex on the beach, but is there a resort that allows it, or a service for a fee that would allow us to?

Thank You for any advice!