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Thread: March 26th-31st 2019 Temptations trip

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    March 26th-31st 2019 Temptations trip

    Anyone else going this week?
    We went to Desire a few years ago and loved the party vibe so we thought we would try Temptations hoping it has the same party atmosphere!
    Does anyone know if the dance club at temptations is busy? And do a lot of people participate in the theme nights? We love to dance so hoping it is fun party vibe there.
    Also anyone have any recommendations/suggestions for newbies to this resort?

    thanks in advance

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    We were at TTR Dec 1-8, returning May 10-19.

    The party atmosphere is larger than Desire as there's a lot more people. Can get wild in the daytime as well especially when they start playing jenga !

    Theme participation varies from week-to-week, but in our experience it's more fun to participate than not...

    just be yourselves, participate in the themes - you'll meet the best people !

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