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Thread: Desire Virgins, going Feb 2019

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    Cool Desire Virgins, going Feb 2019

    Hi! My husband and I have planned our honeymoon to Desire RM for Feb 2019. We have heard so many great thing about the resort and the people there. We are a little concerned about the water issue....of course its Mexico, so we know not to drink the tap water, but I want to know if anyone has gotten sick from the resort, and what precautions we should take. Thanks in advance!

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    We have been a total of 5 times between Pearl and DRM, never had an issue with the water or anything else. Even the tap water.
    Have fun and enjoy-try the boobs cruise if you get a chance, it is outrageous.

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    We have been to both locations and have never had a issue with food or water, take the standard precautions. We will be there for 4 days in February,what are your dates?

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