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Thread: Double digits For The Playful Pussycat's Frisky Fall Fling.........Woo-hoo

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    Double digits For The Playful Pussycat's October Frisky Fall Fling.........Woo-hoo

    Who are the Playful Pussycats?
    Our mission statement says it all:

    Ladies, be curious, be empowered, and discover self confidence on a level you never thought possible!

    Established in 2015 by Kitty Shannon and Kitty Shizelle

    Where: Hedonism II in Negril Jamaica
    When: October 18th-27th 2018 / April 25th-May 4th 2019

    The group is comprised of sexy couples and a few single ladies. Our focus is on the women. Yes! We spoil the ladies. Our week is designed to help women bring out their wild side and maybe experience some of their "curiosities" in a safe no pressure environment.

    We are one of the newer groups with average ages from 30-50s and a few HOT 20s and 60s tossed in the mix. Fun and sexy have no age with the Playful Pussycats! We cater to those looking for an extraordinary week of partying and enjoying their own sexiness while having a ton of fun. Our motto, SEXY isnít a shape or an act ITíS AN ATTITUDE!

    Whether your new to Hedonism or new to the group, our week has special events and extras to help you feel welcome and it all starts before your trip!

    The hosts and members will answer your questions about everything from Jamaican travel, what to bring, etiquette, off the resort excursions and more. We have events designed for newcomers to get an opportunity to meet and connect with others. Many people in the group have become lifelong friends and we love to welcome new people to our family!

    The Playful Pussycats have all the crazy sexy fun you can imagine for an amazing week! The Pussycats are sexy as hell, have high energy and the hosts love to spoil them (swag, prizes and a whole lot more)! We have something going on for the group all week long, day and night. Our group events are forever changing and no two weeks are ever the same. Typically, we include, icebreakers, meet and greets, a private girl-girl play party in our new Pussycat clubhouse venue with all the toys you can imagine and a few you may never heard of. The action never stops with over the top Rave experiences, off resort adventures, sexy pool parties, catamaran cruise, free night giveaway contests and much more. We also gather every evening in the Pussycat Lounge to kickstart the night and spice up the "after dinner" lull. There is never a dull moment when the Playful Pussycats are on property.

    The Pussycats are a very social, friendly, and non judgmental group that will party with anyone. No cliques-No drama-No pressure. Our only rule is RESPECT. This is your vacation that you should have your way because YOU deserve it.

    Throughout the year we stay in touch and are adding new people to our private MeWe and Facebook page to break the ice, have contests and get the party started! The group picks themes and suggest events that the hosts will then use to bring the week to life. It's a party of a lifetime that happens twice a year. You have 200 friends here that you haven't met yet so what are you waiting for........ Contact Wild Women Vacations at to book the sexyest vacation of your life.
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