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Thread: Playroom Question

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    Three Hedo trips in the last two years...and never went to the Playrrom without our Wand! Was not a problem. Can't wait to get back Home!

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    Quote Originally Posted by curiouscouplefl View Post
    Lol, my wife says the same thing. The playroom was awesome when we went without toys, but when we talk about what could make the experience even better that was the first thing that came to our minds. We didn't see anyone in there with any so we thought we'd ask the question, apparently from the responses that's a good idea.

    Great thread topic! We've also been in the playroom numerous times on our last couple of visits. We've never seen anyone use the "equipment" in the playroom nor have we seen any toys being utilized. We have however been in the presence of a flogger being used just outside the dining room area near the courtyard which garnered great attention from us and several ladies volunteering to be either a flogger or a floggee. We would really be appreciative if anyone going back home before the end of the year would confirm any experiences utilizing the equipment and toys (ropes, floggers, crops, paddles, vibrators, etc) in the playroom.
    We are heading home the day after Christmas for a couple weeks, including celebrating New Years Eve, and no doubt we will head to the playroom often but would like to take some of the items listed above in there with us. We would like to use the St Andrews Cross and the flogging bench on a couple of occasions...sensually, of course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by curiouscouplefl View Post
    Does anyone know if you are able to bring "toys" into the playroom?
    Yes, if your partner needs help for fulfillment no problem

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