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Thread: Renovations update

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    Renovations update

    Hello everyone,

    After our last trip to Hedo in 2014, we decided that we wanted to hold off on returning until most/all of the renovations were completed. Can any of you more recent visitors give us an update on what is still to be done, or what has been announced as coming soon? To put it into perspective, when we were there in July/August of 2014, they were only beginning to start room renovations. Most rooms were still in their original state. The courtyard leading to the piano bar had just been finished.

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    Most remodel is completed. We were just there the beginn8ng of June and they were just finishing up the prude pool and bar. They also had a couple builds of rooms on the nude side in the middle of a remodel. Harry was there while we were and said all rooms will be completed by end of September. That would make everything remodeled. He then said there were going to be changing the playroom up again and doing something with the social hall.
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