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    Hey everyone! My wife and I came across all of these places while searching for a vacation with no kids. We honestly had no idea these places existed and are extremely interested in an experience. We have been talking heavily about the Bliss cruise in 2019 and are most likely going. We are not swingers but definitely want to play in the open. The only question I have is what is the average age of people on these types of cruises. We are in middle twenties. Are there couples on her around 35 and younger that can give us advice?
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    neril beach
    hi how are you are you into bbc

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    I'm great thanks. What's BBC? Like I said we're new lol.

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    Him or me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by New2thislife View Post
    Him or me?
    Not you ..…. Welcome !
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    Great, thank you! We seem to be obsessed with these places. It's all we think about since we discovered them.

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    Look up the young swingers group they go to Hedo. In October they will be there at the same time as our group. Welcome!!

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    Thank you. We are particularly interested in the bliss cruise for starters.

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    Only because of the Florida departure. Desire and Hedo look like amazing spots and hope to visit them in the future.

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