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Thread: First time June 27-July 1

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    First time June 27-July 1

    We didnít know what to expect and overall had a great time. We went a little too hard the first two days and learned to slow things down a bit after that, which helped. We met some great people and new friends, learned a lot about our boundaries (which were different than we expected), and will likely be back next year.

    That said, one word of warning. Beware of local single men at the foam party. They are just looking for a chance to take advantage of a situation, and some of the things they did as soon as I wandered a few feet from my wife constituted sexual assault. The usual rules of ďasking politelyĒ seem to go out the window at the foam party. Beware!

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    Thanks for both the mini newbie report and especially the foam party issue. I had not heard that before and will mention it to my group....

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